Timing belts/timing pulleys

Timing belt drives for highest precision

Belt drives transmit large forces or are suitable for very precise functions, e.g. in positioning systems for control systems. Also the quietness is much appreciated. Nozag offers pulleys and belts according to your specifications.

PowerGrip® MXL
PowerGrip® XL, L, H, XH & XXH
PowerGrip® HTD® 3M & 5M
PowerGrip® HTD® 8M, 14M & 20M
PowerGrip® GT3 2MGT, 3MGT & 5MGT
PowerGrip® GT3 8MGT & 14MGT
T5, T10, T10HB, T10HF, T20
AT5, AT10, AT10HB, AT20, ATL5, ATL10, ATL10HF, ATL20
XL, L, H, XH

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