To ensure trouble-free operation throughout the entire operational life right from the beginning, please follow our operating manual.

Assembly and Operating Manual d/f/e (6136KB)

Assembly and Operating Manual e (2631KB)



Safety and availability are as important in the case for industrial systems as they are for theatre stages or other systems.

Construction and Layout
During design and construction, pay attention to the loading capacity of the drives and system components depending on the installation situation. Design the fastening, movement and transmission elements with a factor of safety that is suitable for your system. Follow the design instructions. In safetyrelevant systems, use a safety trap nut SIFA.

Correct and careful assembly is required for smooth and safe operation of the system. Therefore follow our above mentioned assembly and operating manual.

Inspection and maintenance
Regular inspection and maintenance is necessary to ensure availability. The following should be checked at the time of regular inspection: visual appearance, fastenings and joints, wear of the trapezoid thread and the lubrication state. Follow our lubrication instructions and use only the lubricants recommended by us. Also consider our automatic lubricant dispensers.

Spare Parts
For protection from production downtime in case of a long start-up time or a high load, we recommend stocking a gearbox set (incl. threaded spindles etc. and assembly drawings) either with you or your customer. Repair work on the jack is usually most cost-effective achieved with a complete replacement.



The ambient temperature is very important for the design of the components. Always specify the ambient temperature and ambient conditions, especially if they differ from the normal 20C to 25C.

Normal temperature (-20C to +60C)
A normal temperature range is up to approx. 60C gearbox operating temperature. The greatest heat up time takes place at the shaft sealing ring and at the trapezoid thread.

Low temperature (-20C to -40C)
Basically, the seals and most of our greases can be used up to a temperature of -40C. But experience has shown that use below -20C is critical. The greases become very viscous and difficult to move; especially the breakaway torque is affected. In general, at minus temperatures, all the components must be sufficiently dimensioned.

High temperature (+60C to +160C)
At ambient and operating temperatures (gearbox housing) above 60 C, we recommend gearboxes with high-temperature grease and FPM seals. In general, the operating temperature can then be up to 160C. For high-temperature applications, we offer you heat-resistant parts.

For lower and higher temperatures, inquire about the components, ideally, with the checklist.



Screw jacks
The screw jack is sealed and filled with a synthetic lubricant. During normal operation, the gearbox is lubricated for life.

Trapezoid thread spindle
The trapezoid thread spindle must be inspected regularly and re-lubricated according to the operating cycle.

Long-life systems
In the case of long-life systems (for example, working platforms or theatre stages) the grease loses its lubrication properties after approx. 5 years. Dust and dirt enhance this effect. We recommend a complete cleaning and re-greasing after 5 years.

KGT lubrication
Lubricate the ball screw KGT every 500 hours of effective running period. Guide value for grease quantity approx. 1 ml per cm spindle diameter.

Other greases, soiling

The use of multi-purpose grease and other greases can significantly reduce the working performance and the life. In case of soiling of the spindle, it should be cleaned and regreased.

Lubrication dispensers

Lubrication dispensers

The lubricant dispenser serves for providing a continuous supply of grease. The lubricant dispenser is bolted on directly at the lubrication point. It works independently and is activated upon setting the running period. The lubricant level is visible at all times in the transparent housing.


  • Time-saving and cost-saving owing to automatic lubrication
  • Longer life and operational safety through continuous lubrication
  • One dispenser covers running periods of 1 to 12 months 

Technical Data

Drive system: 
  • Hydrogen-gas generation cell (dry element)
  • Continuously variable 1 to 12 months
  • 60 ml/approx.115 g
  • 125 ml/approx.190 g
Operating pressure:
  • Max. 5 bar
Application temperature:
  • 20C to + 55 C ambient temperature
  • The dispensers can be mounted in any position
  • Do not subject to direct heat

Lubrication dispensers (221KB)

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