Kamaro the Corn Robot

The "research, development and construction of prototypes and their validation in the area of robot systems" is the passion of the members of Kamaro Engineering e.V. Kamaro stands for „Karlsruher Mais Roboter“ referring to the origins of the student team specialized in the development of autonomous agaricultural machinery and the close relationship with the field robot “Event”.

Kamaro is the name of the robot developed for agricultural cultivation. In a competition, the Field Robot “Event”, designed to perform a U-turn at the end of each row, has been used mainly in corn cultivation, but also in beet and flower cultivation. The field robot is supposed to automatically perform tasks such as fertilizing, removing parasites or detecting intruders such as wild boars. Kamaro has performed this field work perfectly! Meanwhile the construction planning goes beyond the agricultural purpose.
The interlocking components available from Nozag, especially spur gears, worm gear and bevel gear units, play an important role for the field robot, as this type of drive component enables smooth and flexible movements.

Photo gallery: From Drive Train to Operation in the Field

Drive TrainDrive Train

Additional information can be found on www.kamaro.kit.edu.

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