Control-system build

Nozag AG now also offers the build of control systems. Together with you, we implement your idea - from the first meeting to the convincing result. We support you actively and competently in the planning, implementation and commissioning of individually designed control systems. You benefit from an excellent full service, with custom-made and complete solutions, which bring you right on target.

Nozag's support in modern control-system build
- From prototyping and multi-stage tests up to serial production
- Custom-made solutions with short lead times
- Wiring according to EMC criteria
- switch cabinets according to customer requirements
- EN60204 and EN60439 standards in project planning and production
- Comprehensive testing of each control-system under electrical tension
- Customized program development for small control-systems
- SPS programming
- Electrical diagrams
- The marking of devices, conductors and terminals by Multicard system

Nozag prototype construction means: Strong know-how, experience and competence at the highest level.

Nozag Engineering: Convincing all round

Nozag Engineering: Convincing all round

At the beginning of a perfect control-system is a clear catalogue of tasks: What should it do? What specifications does it have to meet? What are the requirements regarding process sequences, precision and economy? A discussion with the control specialists from Nozag is an exchange between professionals. We speak the same language as you and understand all aspects of the challenges in control-system engineering. A complete, jointly developed briefing, forms the solid basis for a sustainable, innovative concept, which serves as a precise specification for the control-system build and subsequent programming.

Are you facing a current challenge or would you like to know more about us and our possibilities? Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.

Design variants

Design variants


  • Change of rotation direction


  • Change of rotation direction
  • End position control


  • Change of rotation direction
  • End position control
  • Speed regulation

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