Examples of customer applications

Our wide range of standard products as well as specific customer requirements are the basis for the various applications we have realized so far and we would like to present a selection.

Kamaro, the Corn Robot

Kamaro is the name of the robot developed for agricultural cultivation. The field robot is supposed to automatically perform tasks such as fertilizing, removing parasites or detecting intruders such as wild boars. Kamaro has performed this field work perfectly! Meanwhile the construction planning goes beyond the agricultural purpose.

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The Art Clock,

Worm Gear Unit Gets Balls Rolling  

Time does not stand still; the development of the art clock is no exception. Our efforts towards improvement and optimization are ongoing. What is certain: the worm gear drives the lift for the balls and thus determines every minute in the course of time.

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Drive Elements Optimize Rescue Equipment

Drive technology with weight-reduced high-performance standard components for rescue equipment

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Boosty, Legal Doping for Cyclists

An electric bike is the ideal vehicle for occasional bikers with little training, for partners of well-trained bikers, for beginners aiming at conquering the mountains right from the start, or commuters who don't want to arrive at work in sweaty clothes. Thanks to a drive support, these bikers climb steep slopes of 30° without any problem and arrive relaxed at their destination.     With our gearing know-how we have created the optimal technical conditions for a powerful and optimal drive for the “Boosty” bike motor.

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