Examples of customer applications

Our wide range of standard products as well as specific customer requirements are the basis for the various applications we have realized so far and we would like to present a selection.

Drive Technology for World Record

333 cups of espresso coffee within a minute are produced by the world's largest expresso machine. Whereas the two screw jacks execute the ground coffee, the bevel gear serves as coupling between the electric motor and the two screw jacks.

Further informations about the world record

Relax on Cloud Nine!

Individually Customized Whirlpool Covers Safe to walk on, space-saving, energy saving   The hidden drive components ensure quiet operation. The screw jacks enable height adjustment; a worm gear moves the cover.

Further informations about Relax on Cloud Nine

Telescopic Spindles / Lifting Columns  

Whenever loads have to be moved horizontally and vertically, telescopic spindles are used. The advantage of this drive is its compact design.    

They are used in applications where
  • screw jacks with guiding are required
  • installation space is limited
  • pre-finished drive solutions are planned
  • ergonomic height adjustability is required

Further informations about Telescopic Spindles in German

Screw Jacks as Key Component of Immersion Arm

Water transfer printing is a surface coating process to decorate 3D objects with patterns and ornaments. This process is most widely used in the automotive industry, for example, to create a woodgrain or carbon fibre optic on car interiors. The technique is also applied in the marine, aviation and aerospace industries, where the coating is used for the covers of cockpit instruments to save weight.

Further information about water transfer printing in German

Worm Gear Leads Cow Lift Invention to Success  

The parts of the mobile cow lift are easy to assemble and fit on the passenger seat of a car. The lift can be used anywhere and is built over the cow.

More informations about the cow lift

Screw Jacks Support the Supply of Water for Fire Extinguishing Equipment  

Fire trucks must be reliable and work perfectly when in operation. Every fire-fighters's move must be precise; and the appropriate technology plays an equally essential role. With the use of screw jacks, a high-performance semi-gantry crane has been transformed into a flexible and safe device for the loading and unloading of platforms for hose bridges.

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