Efficient Operating Equipment Thanks to Simple Drive Components

Our philosophy of LEAN production aims at safeguarding the health of our staff and ensuring economic efficiency at the same time. Working processes and techniques are simplified with drive technology and supported resources, which physically relieves employees, prevents accidents and increases productivity.
The decisive factor often involves tools which simplify the entire process via mechanical or manual drive elements. These tools shorten workflow processes and provide protection for routine operations. Nozag has already enhanced some of its equipment through cost-effective drive technology. These are just a few examples of practical applications.

Height Adjustment – Stepless and Straightforward

In the past the employee had to lift the conveyor belt manually to the next level, and this several times a day, as parts of different sizes had to be transported by the belt. This task of raising and lowering is now performed by a screw jack that, by means of a hand wheel, can easily and continuously be operated and remains fixed in a chosen position thanks to its self-locking capacity.

In Use: Screw Jacks NSE10-SN, Spindle with Escape Protection Fork Head, Rotary Unit, Protective Tube and Hand Wheel

Collecting Area Is Rotatable,Thus Preventing Quality Shortfalls

In the past the produced parts dropped in a pile without being monitored, which often lead to congestions. By means of a worm gear, the collecting tray is rotated regularly into a new position so that the produced parts are placed next to each other even if no supervisory person is present. This procedure helps to avoid process interruptions. It also prevents parts from touching, which reduces damage and loss of quality.

In Use: Combined Worm Gear CHM050-CHM030-2400 with 1-Ph-motor.

Turning a Workpiece into an Exact Position Without Delay

In the past an employee repeatedly made 3 or 4 steps around the work bench, before the next work cycle could be carried out. Now, thanks to a worm gear, the workpiece can be turned precisely into the next position by the hand wheel. The complete process can be performed from a single working position and more safely.

In Use: Worm Gear CHF063-80 with Hand Wheel

Drive Components Support Employees by (with) “Additional Hands and Strength”

During the work process the employee repeatedly had to change position in order to ensure clean gluing or fixing, i.e. securing large insulations in the pressing frame. The screw jacks allow the materials to be positioned and fixed for the pressing process from the same working position. The device even serves as a compactor and assures a higher quality of the final product in an efficient way.

In Use: Screw Jacks NSE25-SN with Customer-Supplied Trapezoidal Screws

At the Touch of a Button, the Curtain Raises or Rolls

Even a cowshed should have a good indoor air quality. Up to now the large curtain for the separation of the barn and the delivery area had to be drawn manually – every morning and every evening. Thanks to a worm gear, this task can now be performed with much less physical effort by a simple touch of a button. Also the solution increases the life of the curtain as it is rolled up neatly.

In Use: Worm Gear CHM050-100 with 3-Ph-motor

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