07.12.2017, Newsletter impulse 2017/05  
  • Drive technology for engineers of the future
  • Nozag supports optimization of coil change in the packaging industry
  • Control engineering - a new service from Nozag
  • A beautiful advent and relaxing holidays
28.09.2017, Newsletter impulse 2017/04  
  • Drive components bring comfort and make everyday life easier
  • Drive components for relaxed air travel
  • Change an entire beverage range at the touch of a button
  • Follow us! Nozag on Social Media
13.07.2017, Newsletter impulse 2017/03  
28.02.2017, Newsletter impulse 2017/02  
  • News from automation technology
  • Spur gears - Did you know ...  
11.01.2017, Newsletter impulse 2017/01  
  • New Year - new challenges - new solutions
  • We wish you a healthy and successful 2017  

15.11.2016 - 18.11.2016, SWISSTECH in Basel

The focus of this exhibition lies on:
  • 50 years of experience in the transmission
  • Screw jacks
  • Nozag Engineering 
  • Gear Components
14.11.2016, Newsletter impulse 2016/03  
  • Drive solutions - Wide range and high quality
  • Gear and transmission components in best quality – Swissness  
  • Worm gearboxes in various qualities
  • Modular built helical gearboxes  
  • Timing belt drives for highest precision
  • Bevel gearboxes units for higher gear ratios
  • Planetary gearboxes, efficient and safe
02.06.2016, Newsletter impulse 2016/02  
  • Standard components for any drive situation
  • 8'000 Drive components available from stock  
  • Pre-assembled and ready to install
  • What would the world be without drive elements?
08.04.2016, Newsletter impulse 2016/01
15.12.2014, Newsletter impulse 2014/04
  • Our christmas gift for you is advice to find drive solutions, so you don't spend endless time searching
  • Dampen movements and avoid abrasion absorbing
  • Overload at the right moment
  • Connecting shafts for optimal drive transmission
  • New Year holidays
  • Multiple drive components
  • We are happy to advise you
04.09.2014, Newsletter impulse 2014/03
  • Drives for everyday use
  • From morning till night - surrounded by Nozag
  • You have visions and requirements? We develop and realize them for you.
  • You deserve more summer spirit!
  • Relax on cloud nine!
  • Nozag at Motek 2014 Trade Fair
  • Multiple drive components
16.06.2014, Newsletter impulse 2014/02
  • Angular transmission in mechanical engineering
  • Individual bevel gears, ready-to-install
  • Compact bevel gear drives, ready-to-install
  • Unit Kamaro – bevel gears create movement
  • Optimizing the maneuverability of a mastic paver
  • Now available - catalogue with more than 8'000 standard components
  • Participate and win

04.03.2014, Newsletter impulse 2014/01

  • Smart solutions with worm gears
  • Customized and economic solutions with individual components
  • For higher demands and lower wear
  • Worm gear leads cow lift invention to success
  • Worm wheels – messengers of time

12.12..2013, Newsletter impulse 2013/05

  • Fairy Light Chains at Christmas, Roller Chains All Year Round
  • Nozag Roller Chains for High Demands
  • Roller Chain Delta HR
  • Roller Chain Delta Titanium – Corrosion-Protected
  • Roller Chain Delta Verte – Maintenance Free
  • Roller Chain INOX HR – Fit for the Food and Chemical Industries
  • Sprockets – Optimal Interaction with Roller Chains
  • Christmas / New Year Holidays

07.10.2013 - 10.10.2013 International trade fair MOTEK

Drive systems and components of the finest at the MOTEK 2013

We are from the 07. – 10. October 2013 at the Motek - International trade fair for automation in production and assembly – in Stuttgart Hall 5 / Stand 5448

Our main focus for you at the trade fair:

  • Screw Jacks
    Standing or Rotating for ideal power and stroke movements
  • Nozag Engineering
    Customer-specific from construction to production
  • All in ball screw spindle
    An economical lifting unit replaces a do it yourself construction
  • Gear components
    Standard or mass processing of for instance spur- and bevel- gears


We are available to you for technical discussions

05.09.2013, Newsletter impulse 2013/04

  • Moving elephants and rhinoceros?
  • We strike the balance
  • Lubricant dispenser – reliable and efficient
11.07.2013, Newsletter impulse 2013/03
  • A Clever Solution - Standard of Individual - for every Situation
  • Screw Jacks Prevent Work-Time Losses
  • "ALL-IN" or The New Device for Common Lifting Situations
  • Corrosion Protected Screw Jacks
  • From Prototype to Series Production

02.05.13, Newsletter impulse 2013/02

  • Sink your teeth into us
  • High Flexibility Even for Special Designs
  • The Full Range of Spur Gears Now Online
  • Optimized Rescue Equipment
  • Racks

13.02.13, Newsletter impulse 2013/01

  • The right solutions for your success
  • New online area
  • Quick delivery
  • You can benefit from

January 2013, technica     March 2013, Konstrukteur

Antriebselemente optimieren Rettungsgeräte

Der Schweizer Bergungs- und Sicherheitssystemespezialist Immoos GmbH setzt für die Antriebstechnik von Seilbahnrettungsgeräten auf gewichtsreduzierte, leistungsfähige Normteile von Nozag.

technica (155KB)
Konstrukteur (760KB)

27.08.12, Konstruktionspraxis

Ob Norm-Verzahnuhngsteile nach Katalog oder kundenspezifische Antriebstechnik-Komponenten, das Produkt- und Leistungsportfolio der schweizerischen Nozag deckt individuelle Antriebslösungen ab

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